Outreach activity with St. Augustine Community Yangon

By the Myanmar FCJ Community

On 10 November 2018, Srs Agnes and Narni fcJ with St Augustine Parish Community had an outreach activity for underprivileged children and families who live in settlements from the Yangon suburbs. The venue of the activity was the  National Races Village in Yangon.  This program is in partnership with Community Care Myanmar (CCM). We gave some of our time to be with them and others.  The group of students from Campion Institute for Pastoral Care (CIPCA) and Narni contributed as volunteers with storytelling to the children. Many other activities were offered to the children, such as drawing, dancing, face painting, mural painting, singing, musical instruments and games.  About 130 children and adults joined in, always grateful for financial support and our presence. We ended our activities by having lunch together. It was really a wonderful experience and a great day of fun for all!