We have collated a variety of documents and useful materials for viewing and download. There are resources for schools, videos, items about Marie Madeleine’s life, and historical documents of our FCJ Society. Click on the filters button to see some of the topics.

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    Marie Madeleine Newsletter Bicentenary Issue

    A newsletter prepared by the FCJ Sisters to help make Marie Madeleine more widely known and her special gift to the Church more readily available.


    A life of Marie Madeleine suitable for younger children. Text and illustrations by Srs. Gloria Calabrese fcJ and Cecilia Connolly fcJ.

    Life of Marie Madeleine (in cartoon format)

    Life of Marie Madeleine in cartoon format.

    Paintings on the life of Marie Madeleine

    Paintings taken from the life of Marie Madeleine by Rosemary Yelland, OP

    One Woman’s Life, Many Women’s Stories

    Compiled by Mary Campion McCarren fcJ. A retelling of the story of Marie Madeleine interleaving it with the stories of contemporary women.

    Triptych on the life of Marie Madeleine

    A two-page life of Marie Madeleine, ready to print

    Tryptisch auf das Leben oder Marie Madeleine

    Faithful Companions of Jesus in the Area of the Americas

    An introduction to the Faithful Companions of Jesus and to their ministry in the Area of the Americas, created by Michelle, fcJ

    Perbincangan dengan Sr. Afra fcJ

    Dalam video yang penuh inspirasi ini, Sr. Afra fcJ merenungkan 25 tahun hidup sebagai suster FCJ, dan makna kaul religius untuk dia. Dia juga memberi saran untuk yang sedang mencari jalan hidup mereka

    A Chat with Sr. Afra fcJ

    Sr. Afra fcJ reflects on 25 years as an FCJ, on what religious life means to her, on what gives her joy, and gives suggestions for those searching for their path in life.