Bicentenary Celebrations: A Concert of Piano and Accordion in Turin

To mark the Bicentenary of the foundation of the Sisters Faithful Companions of Jesus 1820-2020, the FCJ community in Turin organised a concert of classical piano and accordion music together with texts that illustrated the main stages of the life of our foundress, Marie Madeleine, and the birth of our Society.

Thus on October 21 at 3 pm the Church of the Gran Madre di Dio was filled with people of all ages to participate with curiosity and joy at this moment.

The musicians were two young people: at the piano, Francesco Radicati di Primeglio; on the accordion the maestro Stefano Arato. The two cheered us up with passages by Weber (Romance); Mozart (Sonata n. 5; Fantasia in D minor); Poulenc (Military Petite Marche); Bach (French Suite – Gavotta and Allemanda); Beethoven (Moonlight Sonata); Liszt (Ave Maria); Chopin (Waltz No. 6); Vierne (Lied); De Falla (Nana), and ending with Mozart’s Rondo alla turca.

In addition to the skill in playing, they are credited with having combined in a excellent way the various musical pieces with the narrative texts prepared by the FCJ community.

Those present were enthusiastic with the beautiful music offered and the combination of piano and accordion and the story of Marie Madeleine and the presence of our Society in the Church of Turin.

We think that our Foundress, who probably played some of these pieces of music with her harp, enjoyed the evening with us.

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