Birthing kits – Being Companions

By Pat, CiM

One practical way of being companions to women in developing countries – from whom we are separated geographically – is through making Birthing Kits. Together with the FCJ Sisters, the CiM in Melbourne, Australia, gather annually at the canteen of Genazzano College to create kits from items ordered and purchased beforehand. We cut and fold plastic and twine, insert soap into rubber gloves, adding other basic necessities before packing the kits tightly into small bags. This year we made 400 kits and they will be distributed with other kits made in Australia to women in developing countries lacking these necessities when giving birth.  For all who gather for this project, our time together is a true expression of interweaving, enabling us to be ‘channels of hope, love and mercy’ for others. (Final document of the FCJ General Chapter 2013)

Companions in Mission and FCJ Sisters making birthing kits in Australia.