Congratulations, Genazzano Class of 2019!

Genazzano FCJ College students

The Genazzano FCJ College VCE results were outstanding this year, and this adds to the joy of recently receiving an award for Innovative Learning from The Educator.

Karen Jebb, Principal, congratulates the graduating class:

On behalf of the Genazzano FCJ College community, I extend our sincere congratulations to each and every student in our VCE Class of 2019. Our students have once again achieved excellent results and made a significant contribution to the life of the College. In our 130th year, we were delighted to have 130 students complete Year 12, and we are so proud of their involvement with our College and the young women they have become.

Genazzano FCJ College is a school that welcomes and supports all students to strive to achieve their personal excellence, and as I view the achievements of each of our young women, I am delighted to share with you their outstanding results and achievements. The median study score was 35, and the percentage of study scores greater than 40 was 23%. Notably, 7% of our students received an ATAR of 99 or above, and 50% achieved an ATAR greater than 90. Our median ATAR was 90. What is perhaps, most significant, about these statistics, is the depth of achievement and the role each and every student played within this tremendous cohort.

Read the full message from Principal Karen Jebb to the graduating class and the details of all the 2019 VCE Achievements.