Practical Ideas for More Sustainable Living

celebrating laudato si week

By Lynne fcJ for the FCJ Young Adult Network event Celebrating Laudato Si Week

Over the last number of years there have been many initiatives to prompt us to adjust our lifestyle and develop more sustainable living habits.  If you have already ditched plastic bottles and started taking a reusable cup to coffee shops, here are some possible next steps, along with my thoughts on how easy or difficult they are to achieve.

1) Ecological Cleaning Products

This is really easy to do. There are loads of ecological cleaning products available that are really good – some are available in supermarkets, but you can also buy online. We have tried loads of different brands so if you want insider reviews message me for details!

You can also buy these products in bulk thereby  reducing plastic packaging and the mileage that your products are travelling!

2) Bamboo Toothbrush and Plastic-free Toothpaste

Again this is really easy. I have found a really good brand of Bamboo Toothbrush that lasts really well, so although they are more expensive you don’t need to replace them as often. It took a bit of getting used to, but after a week or so it just seemed completely normal.

I have also tried plastic free toothpaste and toothpowder… hhhhmmmm. Ok, but not the same! The paste is better than the powder in my opinion! Now I have found toothtabs – I think they are great – and brill for travelling (not that we are doing that at the moment!!!)

If you don’t feel ready for that, some traditional companies claim to recycle ALL toothbrushes and toothpaste tubes. (I am sceptical but I guess if you post them back it puts pressure on them!)

3) Home composting

I don’t know why everybody with a garden doesn’t do this. We have a box in our kitchen for all UNCOOKED vegetable waste – peelings, apple cores, flowers etc as well as adding coffee grinds, teabags and eggshells. The box came from Ikea and seals really well so it doesn’t smell or get fruitflies. We empty it into the garden composter and 6 months later we get wonderful nutrient-rich soil.It doesn’t attract rats or cause any problem with smells etc. Just some worms inside!

4)Ditch throwaway wipes and kitchen paper

Rags are the way forward! Any old sheet, towel, tshirt etc that isn’t good enough for the charity shop. Tear it into smallish rectangles and keep a bag in the kitchen. They are great for taking grease off pans, wiping up spills and doing all the things that wipes would. Then either wash them (if they aren’t greasy) or bin them – at least they had another use before they reached your bin, and they saved you buying more disposable junk!