“Upcycling” and Urban Gardening

Flowers made from plastic bags Upcycling

A piece submitted by Sr Paola fcJ from the FCJ Learning and Development Center to mark the Season of Creation

On 8th and 9th September the FCJ Learning and Development Center held an exhibit of various items made from waste materials. One of the staff is very creative in seeing a range of possibilities for upcycling. The aim of the exhibit was to show the people items they could make for their own use or for sale to generate income.

FCJ Center Craft Exhibit

The products included flower arrangements made from used plastic bags, containers and bags made from used drinking straws, pot holders made from old tee shirts, wallets made from packaging and flower pots from old towels. The people showed great enthusiasm and signed up to learn how to make the various items and regular classes will now be held.

One of the new programs that began in July is communal vegetable gardens in Area 5. A group of men cleared areas of waste ground and have begun to plant a variety of vegetables. The plan is to utilize as much waste ground as possible and for the men to teach other people how to plant. The produce will be shared among the gardeners and any extra will be made available for a “community pantry” where people struggling to find food for their families can come and take what they need.

Residents of other areas where the FCJ Center works do not have access to any land and so in those places vertical gardens have been established. Vegetables that do not need much space and also plants and flowers are grown in soft drinks bottles, plastic containers and old packaging.

Let us hope that these small ventures will encourage us all to greater commitment in caring for the earth and giving thanks for the amazing gift of creation of which we are such a tiny part.


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