A Butterfly Out of Season

A reflection by Sr Lynne fcJ from FCJ Centre St Hugh’s, in Liverpool, first appeared in the FCJ Sisters Blog

Yesterday I saw a butterfly! Its January and winter in the UK – we shouldn’t be able to see butterflies yet – it was a Red Admiral and should be hibernating. We had a very cold couple of weeks and then the winds changed, temperatures rose, and now buds are opening and butterflies emerging.

These little tiny signs of climate change break my heart in a different way to the generic knowledge that the climate is changing. It is the impact on that one tiny creature, or flower, that one butterfly which has just one chance at life and yet wont be able to find food, or lay eggs…

…and of course these changes are happening right the way across the globe. Happening to insects and animals, plants, human beings… these changes are affecting the lives of individual people who have names, families, hopes and dreams.

That one butterfly out of season should break our hearts and strengthen our resolve.


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Image: Adobe Stock, licenced