A Foundation for the Chapter

For the last six days the delegates gathered for the 2019 General Chapter have had time to reflect, ponder, prepare individually and as a group for the work of the Chapter.  During this time of retreat, our intention was to discover the gift God wanted to give us in order to build the body of the FCJ Society. A short input each morning from Peter Bisson, SJ, helped us to focus our prayer for the day.  Each evening we gathered in groups of five or six to share our experience and our sense of where God was leading us.

The sound of the Elbow river running along the edge of the garden, the warmth of the sun, the day of the heavy snowfall, the autumn trees, the hospitality of our FCJ community at Sacred Heart Convent and the FCJ Christian Life Centre, the daily liturgy provided a graced context for these days of preparation for Chapter.

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