Hope 101

A reflection by Sr Lynne fcJ from FCJ Centre St Hugh’s, in Liverpool, first appeared in the FCJ Sisters Blog

During the summer I accompanied a group of young people at MAGIS – the Ignatian preparation for World Youth Day. The theme of MAGIS was ‘Creating a Hope-filled Future’.

Young people from 87 countries participated, joining together in projects and pilgrimages across Spain and Portugal – looking at ecology, social justice, culture, pilgrimage and spirituality. Throughout all of these projects there was the common theme of hope.

At the end of our time together as we moved with so many (1.5 million) young people to WYD there was a strong sense of hope, joy and collaboration. Friendships had been made through the sharing of ideals, faith and aspirations.

When we look at so many issues and situations across our world which are crying out for change, it is easy to become discouraged. With regard to climate and environment, the changes needed are huge and will impact every one of us.

Faith offers hope in dark places – not a false optimism but a way of coming together, a way of collaborating and meeting challenges, a belief that good prevails and that there is always life even in the midst of suffering and death. For this reason, a small group of young people are meeting together monthly to share on Church teaching, to consider the call to them at the moment and to choose actions based on faith that can nurture hope.

If you want to join the group follow the link: https://forms.gle/SigMuEkzVmx27A8L9

HOPE 101 will run online on Tuesdays, once a month and it is organized by FCJ Centre St Hugh’s, Liverpol, UK.