Let’s Find Our Voice

On 22 October the sisters from the Benalla Community attended the annual Let’s Find Our Voice concert presented by the students of FCJ College and the residents of Cooinda Aged Care facility.

The Let’s Find Our Voice program is a wellbeing project that brings together the residents from Cooinda with students from FCJ College. During the seven weeks of rehearsals, friendships develop between the visiting students and Cooinda’s older people. The concert is now in its eighth year.

The Let’s Find Our Voice performance is the conclusion to a wonderful journey of connection between our older people and the youth of Years 7 and 10 at FCJ College. Friends developed during this time and often continue long after the music has finished.

Director of Cooinda

A highlight was listening to the books of memory written by the Year 10 students with their buddy from Cooinda. Each story had its own magical and touching moments. What a lovely example of companionship, capturing moments that could have been lost forever.

An integral part of the project is the making of a lip sync film. This allows the participants to learn about the complexity of film making. While it is a lot of hard work, everybody agrees that they have a lot of fun. Here is a sample!

Check out photos about the concert. And watch more videos on the  FCJ College facebook page or YouTube. Read more about the Let’s Find Our Voice wellbeing project.

Photo credits: FCJ College Benalla lip sync video.