Renewal of Commitment of CiM in Manila

FCJ Sisters in Manila rejoiced and prayed in thanksgiving as  Rossele, ‘Didi’, and Angelita, ‘Angie’, renewed their commitment as Companions in Mission on the 14th January 2019. The ceremony was solemn and simple. Both of them shared about the faithfulness and love of God in their lives, in their families, and in the people they work with.

They also shared how grateful for the loving service they rendered to their communities. Angie has been involved in feeding thirty people in her community while Didi has trained some others in food processing and in making laundry soap and hand and dish-washing liquid. This is how they share their companionship to others.

One of the hymns they chose was ‘Companions on the Journey’:

We are companions on the journey
Breaking bread and sharing life
And in the love we bear is the hope we share
For we believe in the love of our God.

From the hymn Companions on the Journey

May we all respond to the invitation to be companions on the journey!!