A Day of Action for the Climate Crisis

Sr Rachel fcJ and friends joined a Day of Action in Liverpool organized by Christian Aid and Christian Climate Action

What good does it do taking part in walks and marches about the climate crisis? A good question.  I took part in one on Saturday 23rd September in Liverpool from the Anglican cathedral to the piazza of the Catholic cathedral. 25 people joined. It was organised by members of Christian Aid and Christian Climate Action. It did me good, certainly, by the encouragement of meeting with a few friends and seeing the dedication of those who brought materials for us to make our own banners. The main thrust of the banners was “Make Polluters Pay” e.g.; U BROKE IT U FIX IT.

Sadly I experienced there are still climate deniers – a man who challenged us by insisting these climate changes are all completely natural. I hadn’t the patience to argue very much, but another valiant walker insisted humans are accelerating these terrifying processes.

We were given a paper with prayers and hymns, and follow-up guidance. We heard that some MPs have reported they don’t hear much about the climate crisis from church people. An online form for emailing our MPs was arranged prior to 23 September, and required a good deal of adjustment when I finally got around to doing it. Sadly, only 163 such letters had been sent by 15 October. But even one letter is of value. All these things have a great cost in time and effort so the question what good does it do is real, but I think it is about finding the good heart of our MPs – I know mine, Kim Johnson, has a good heart – and supporting them too, for I know they too can feel the limitations of their power and influence faced with the huge companies raking in the money. Our support can help them.

Christian Aid have some “what to say next” suggestions to some common MP replies. Christian Climate Action in the NorthWest of England can be contacted at nwchristianclimateactionnw @ gmail.com.

I conclude that our small efforts are worth making. Or otherwise we could just as well say why pray, as I am just one person praying.  Without my drop, the ocean would be less, as Mother Teresa put it when told her work was just a drop in the ocean.


The 2019 General Chapter of the FCJ Sisters has called each sister to live our charism in specific ways during the next six years through a document called Chapter Calls: Widening the Circle of Love. One of the calls is to Care for Our Common Home. Read more about this commitment and other stories about it on our website.