Finding God in All Things

By Doug, CiM

I took this photo on a steep bank above the Elbow River in 2007 while I was in Calgary completing an Ignatian retreat where I discovered that God is in all things and all things are in God. The yellow flower is a Butter and Egg plant and the purple flower is Alfalfa. The green spirals just below the Alfalfa flowers are seed pods that carry the next generation of Alfalfa. An Ant seeking nectar has ascended one of the yellow flowers growing out of glacial till laid down about 10,000 years ago as the most recent ice age receded. All of this is but a small segment of the 13.4 billion years of story that tells us the complex interconnected history of God’s continuous actions in our Universe.

for many years i lived
lies and more lies
because i was listening to
the false one and
was not paying attention
to the One and thought
i was never enough
until finally i went
into the silence of my soul
to find my True-Self
who taught me to listen
to the One in me
rather than believe
everything i think
now i can become
that which God created
me to be