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FCJ Companions in Mission are Good News people who desire to bring a compassionate, healing presence into the fragile, fragmented world.

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We are witnesses to the love of God through the particular charism given to the Church through the Foundress and Sisters Faithful Companions of Jesus.

FCJ Companions in Mission are Good News people who desire to bring a compassionate, healing presence into the fragile, fragmented world. We believe that God speaks to us where we are, and that here and now is where we can do our best work in witness. We are on earth, trying to see things with the vision of Jesus.

The FCJ Sisters were founded by the Venerable Marie Madeleine d’Houët in 1820. Marie Madeleine believed in apostolic action to help the poor and underprivileged of post-Revolution France, and today we — committed lay persons — continue that vital work in solidarity with the Sisters.

Marie Madeleine grasped the deep meaning of the “I thirst” of Jesus from the cross. She saw, in the group of faithful women who stood with Mary at the foot of the cross in her son’s last mortal hours, the model of companionship which is the cornerstone of the charism. It is this companionship to others which lies at the heart of what we try to do each day; our compassionate commitment to help those who thirst from injustice or marginalisation, impoverishment of body and soul or lack of access and opportunity to make their lives better. Our commitment is to acknowledge and act in ways that will bring them to the fulfillment of their human dignity. Also, we are growing in awareness of the great need to care for our common home, this planet on which we find ourselves; therefore, “Nothing in this world is indifferent to us.” (Pope Francis)

To be a Companion in Mission involves the reflective, as well as the active, aspect of our lives.

We are seeking to deepen our relationship with God. We are looking for more. We want to offer what we have to others in the spirit of sharing and trust, and we want to do some good somewhere as we follow the Gospel vision in our lives.

The concept of Companionship is central to what we do.

We accompany each other and accompany those around us as we go about our daily lives, trying to act as Jesus would to those we find journeying alongside us. We are invited to be apostolic in our actions, occasioning gentle interventions or working in solidarity with larger justice endeavours. Alert to the real world, and the multiple world-weary wounds that accost so many, we are open to doing what we can for those who need our companionship and support – our brothers and sisters in Christ.

Companions in Mission are small change agents. However, the reach of each group is multiplied when we gather together and share our experiences in different cultures and countries. We are bound together through the charism and our common goals. This is the richness of the internationality of the Companions in Mission who work, volunteer, pray and laugh with courage and confidence in mutual support. We are not afraid to look for joy in unexpected places — abundance in the desert.

We, Companions in Mission, are blessed today with the membership and commitment of women and men of many gifts and talents, from all walks of life, who are flourishing in the spirit of Marie Madeleine and who are taking the word and action of God out into the world.

Won’t you join us?

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The commitment that Companions in Mission make is expressed through reaching out to God’s people through the love and service we offer.