Her Shrine

Her Shrine

Venerable Marie Madeleine - Her Shrine

Marie Madeleine d’Houët made many journeys in her lifetime visiting the houses she had founded in different European countries. She died in Paris in 1858 and was buried in Gentilly, Paris – but would make three more journeys!

In 1904 at the time of the religious expulsions from France and the separation of Church and State, Marie Madeleine’s body was moved from Gentilly to England first to Upton Hall Convent in Wirral and later in 1980 to Stella Maris Convent in Broadstairs, Kent. Then in September 2012 her remains were returned to Paris, to the church of St. Dominic.

Pentecost is the theme of Marie Madeleine’s reliquary. It depicts the divided flames that appeared above each of those gathered together. Pentecost which came at the end of the harvest festival of the Jewish communities brings with it an element of seed, the new life and the spreading of Christ’s example and teaching (from a reflection by liturgical artist David John).

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Marie Madeleine’s mortal remains now rest in a place of worship where the faithful can come on pilgrimage. The parish of St Dominic is very alive and Marie Madeleine rests in the very neighbourhood of Paris where she lived and died.

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May the sanctity of Venerable Marie Madeleine and her presence among the People of God continue to inspire young and old for many years to come!