Celebrating Wonderful People

Desmond Tutu

Submitted by Sr Clare fcJ, first appeared at the FCJ Sisters Blog

Earlier this month we said goodbye to two very special people whose presence and guidance we will greatly miss in the coming months and years. On New Year’s Day Desmond Tutu was buried. Desmond Tutu was a living witness to the power of Christian love, a true example of courage, reconciliation and peace in action.

A few days later we buried one of our FCJ Sisters, Sr Annunciata. Deeply loved by all who knew her, Annunciata was a brilliant educator and a great influence on generations of children and young people.

Desmond Tutu was a figure of international renown and Annunciata was well known within her own context. They both made a huge difference to others and to our world, each in their own way. We give thanks for all those who live their lives in service of others. May we learn from their good example and live as they did.


Image credit: Archbishop Tutu at the COP17 „We Have Faith: Act Now for Climate Justice“ Rally on 27 Nov 2011 in Durban, South Africa. (Photo by Kristen Opalinski/LUCSA – Wikimedia Commons)