CiM Indonesia: Christmas and New Year Celebration

Submitted by Erlina, Companion in Mission

On January 19, 2020, the group of Companions in Mission (CiMs) in Indonesia, gathered at Sarasvita FCJ Centre of Spirituality and Human Development, to celebrate Christmas and welcome the New Year of 2020. The intense heat of the weather did not discourage us to attend the meeting. We were eager to share our experiences on the Christmas and new year holiday. Some of CiMs, however, could not attend the meeting due to various reasons.

There were two main items in the agenda of the meeting. First, we shared our Advent reflection which was based on our CiM November Meeting recollection with the topic Listening by heart. The sharing session was interesting since each of us could learn from our friends, and  other’s experience on how  we could differentiate voices that could bring us closer to God and voices which keep us away from HIM. Through the sharing session we could enhance our awareness of God’s voices which makes us aware of HIS loving presence in our life.

In the second session, Sr Irene fcJ talked about the Christmas message from Sr Claire, the FCJ General Superior. We are encouraged to widen our circle of love.

God sends us to change hearts! We are sent, to proclaim the Christmas message of peace on earth to all people of good will.  We are missioned to be women of healing, tenderness and reconciliation.

Sr Claire’s Christmas Letter

Are we courageous enough to leave our comfort zone? To be with people who need us, need our loving hearts, our helping hands or at least our sweet smiles and words of encouragement? May the Holy Spirit open our heart, eyes and hands to help those in need, to widen our circle of love.

Another thing we did in the meeting  was praying for Sr Irene FCJ who was about to leave for Rome to carry out a new mission. We truly asked the Holy Spirit to guide her in every step she make in  order that she can carry out her new mission faithfully and joyfully. Something special happened in this occasion, each CiM got The Faithfulness of God book [Thoughts for each day of the year, published by the FCJ sisters to mark the Society bicentenary 1820-2020]. We’re really thankful for this gift. Since not all CiM in Indonesia understand English well, we have a team of translators  to translate it into Bahasa and we distribute the translated version each month, in the CiM meeting. By doing so, we truly hope all CiMs can use the book in daily praying.

The meeting lasted for about three hours and since it was Christmas, to make it special we had Soto Ayam, everybody’s favorite, for dinner. Having dinner and chatting made the atmosphere more cheerful and strengthened our companionship. We are looking forward to having other inspiring CiM meeting in 2020.