FCJs supporting Climate Action in Dublin

On March 15th a group of FCJ Sisters supported 10,000+ students who gathered in Dublin to protest the Irish government’s lack of appropriate action regarding climate change issues. The atmosphere was that of a carnival but their intent was serious. Students were cramming trains, Luas trams and buses from mid-morning intent on arriving at St. Stephen’s Green for the 12.15am walk to the Dáil, the office of the Irish parliament. They came each with a placard depicting the state of the world and the seriousness of the crisis we face. Some did it with great humour! What was remarkable was that all the placards were home-made; the serious message facing the front while many on the back advertised Kellog’s Corn Flakes or Rice Krispies!

The day was a celebration of youthful energy and passion, creativity and fun, imagination and the hope that a better world is possible.

Submitted by Sr Marion, fcJ