Remembering Denise DeNeve

Denise DeNeve

Our collaborator and friend, Denise DeNeve, Director of the FCJ Christian Life Centre, passed away suddenly on December 14. Our deepest sympathy is extended to her family, friends and all whom she loved. Denise will be greatly missed as a mentor, a friend and for outstanding contribution to the FCJ Centre. You can read her obituary here. This is a message from Sr Susan Donohue, fcj, FCJ Area Leader for the Americas


On behalf of Sr. Bonnie Moser, General Leader of our International Society, Sisters Faithful Companions of Jesus, and of all our FCJ Sisters I wish to offer this heartfelt tribute to Denise DeNeve who served as Director of the FCJ Christian Life Centre. It is with deep gratitude that we thank God for the gift of her life and the outstanding contributions she has made on behalf of all of us. We find comfort in knowing that she is now in God’s embrace, and she is resting in peace and joy.

Denise will be remembered especially for her faithfulness in striving to live our FCJ spirituality. Our foundress, Marie Madeleine, has always been a great inspiration for her, and Denise modelled, in her everyday life: companionship, courage, confidence, hope and gentleness. She had a wonderful capacity for making God a very real part of her life in the most difficult of times. Denise, as a colleague was a visionary, a leader, a wisdom figure, an organizer and had a tremendous ability to get things done. Denise’s death certainly leaves a large hole in the FCJ Community, staff members, Board of Trustees and especially in her family.

Our faith reminds us that Denise’s great legacy will live on in the minds, hearts and hands of all who continue the work of the Centre. We do believe that Denise would have been the first one to encourage each and every one to continue the vital on-going work of the Centre. Let us look forward with hope, courage and purpose as we move into 2022.

In the Book of Revelations 21:5 we are reminded that God says to each one: “I will make all things new”. This is a promise that will be lived out in each one for Christ is the way, the truth, the life and the light as we make our way on a new path together.

Sr. Susan Donohue, FCJ Area Leader for the Americas