The Significance of Small Things

Sunflowers Hope

An reflection by Lynne, fcJ, first appeared at FCJ Sisters Blog

There are many things we are all learning in these days. Certainly one of them is the significance of the small and unseen. Who could have imagined back in January that half the world would be brought to a standstill by something so small it can’t be seen?

There are countless posts, reflections and sharing on social media about what this teaches us on a global scale as well as how we are responding internationally – I am not going to say anything deep like that.

For me, the learnings have started off simple:

  • I am happy when I see the garden growing.
  • I enjoy caring for, and receiving care from my community.
  • Small personal gestures of connection provide a lifeline for others.
  • People want to know that someone is aware of them, particularly when they are struggling.

None of these things are new. But somehow they are being deepened in me – the more attentive I am to these small things, the more at peace I am with the situation. The more at peace I am, the more I am able to share with, and be attentive to, others.


Photo: sunflowers planted by the community at FCJ Centre St Hugh’s, Liverpool, as part of their Sunflowers for Hope project.