FCJ Sisters, teachers and mothers in FCJ Pre-school, Yangon, Myanmar

Compassionate Action

One of the calls of the 2019 General Chapter of the sisters Faithful Companions of Jesus is to widen the circle of love through compassionate action. The FCJ sisters from Yangon describe one of the ways they are responding to this call. 

Some of our compassionate actions in order to widen our circle of love in Myanmar are based on FCJ Preschool, Dalla. We have recently had some activities for parents of the preschool children such as parental education, personal development programs, women hygiene, and women empowerment.

At FCJ Preschool Dala

Sometimes, by God’s grace and blessings, we count on generous resource persons from another countries willing to share their expertise and knowledge with those who have had fewer opportunities than them. This time we were really grateful for having Beverly Walls, Kerry Steller and David Steller (professional photographer) from Days for Girls Australia who gave their time and knowledge of women hygiene to parents at FCJ Preschool Dalla and to young women friends and contacts of the FCJ sisters in Myanmar.

In the FCJ community house