Keep on Changing, a poem

A poem by Doug, CiM

Sunsets like this will be different every time you see one: the sun will be setting in a different place; more or fewer different types of clouds will be there to reflect and refract light into different colours; and, you will see the sunset differently depending on your mood and location. Furthermore, as you watch you will see the sunset changing continuously until it is gone.


Keep on Changing
So you want to be with the One?
Then, you need to change.
Then, to keep up with the One
that you are already part of,
you must change continuously.
Continuous change? Impossible!
No, not if you abandon
your way of living which
must include your dying.
Think of it as always becoming
a tranquil, empty vessel
surrounded and directed
by the One.
If you allow this to be done to you
you are already part of
the Change you seek.

() Keep on Changing, a poem