New Companions in Mission – Bucharest

Submitted by the FCJ community in Bucharest, Romania

The community and new Companions in Mission in Bucharest  (Margareta, Marina, Paula and Tereza) would like to thank all those who sent messages and cards for the Commitment Ceremony on 9th February. We had a beautiful, simple prayer together and the Companions were very moved as they made their commitment and then received a red rose each, and finally as they saw how the community had prepared a special little ‘agape’ for them.

This group has known the FCJ sisters for a long time, and two of us knew Srs Margaret and Maeve, the first FCJ sisters in Romania. It was lovely to have all those sisters present with us in our awareness.

With gratitude, let us pray that we will learn how to let our lives interweave more and more with our Companions in Mission in all our different and unique settings.