Youth Leadership Camp

Once a month the community of sisters Faithful Companions of Jesus in Manila is happy to welcome the ten young people who will attend the Youth Leadership Camp next July in Yogyakarta, Indonesia as part of our celebration of the Bicentenary of the Foundation of the FCJ Society 1820-2020. The youth camp will bring together young people from Australia, Indonesia, Myanmar and the Philippines and in all there will be 50 participants.

The preparation for the camp, which will last a year, started in July 2019. Every month there is a different topic on Ignatian and FCJ spirituality given by a member of the community. The young people themselves prepare the opening prayer and animation, and after the input there is a time of personal reflection.

The program is based on four ‘pillars’: Companionship, Encountering God, Leadership and Loving Service.


The program has been designed by FCJ sisters in Asia. Sisters Elvisa and Rowena coordinate the program in Manila.  All the young people who have been invited to take part in the Youth Leadership Camp have already shown leadership qualities in the different places they come from and are looking forward to an enriching experience together.

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