An Offering from a Poor Widow: Not Many but Much

Food offering at FCJ Yogyakarta community

Submitted by Inez, fcJ, from the Yogyakarta community in Indonesia

Five months since the COVID-19 pandemic was announced by President Jokowi, the number of infected people continually increased but the sense of crisis has gradually decreased. Like other countries, Indonesia’s economic condition is getting worse. More people are unemployed, the number of poor people is rocketing.

FCJ House Baciro is located along a busy street – that is Gondosuli Street. We notice that more people from different backgrounds pass by the pedestrian in front of our house, particularly in the morning. They are scavengers, sellers, and gardeners who try to offer service. They are not from our neighbourhood.

As a way of sharing compassion, sometimes we hang simple packages of food on our fence with a remark, « Free groceries. Please take it if you need it. » The idea is to share what we have and let passersby to feel free to take them. A realization that we do not know who get the benefit from this simple act brings a good feeling.

After morning Mass on 22 July 2020, the feast of Mary Magdalene, we put rice, instant noodles, soy sauce, kering tempe (cooked fermented soya) and chilli sauces. We made two packages with a note “Free groceries. Please take one bag only. Thank you.” How do we know that somebody will only take one bag? We will never know and it is not important. We trust that in this difficult situation, people will take care each other more strongly. May today they experience God’s loving care.


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