Commitments as CiMs in the Philippines

Recently three young women in Manila renewed their commitment as Companions in Mission. They are Niña (left), Steph and Jen. Here are some of their reflections…

“CIM for me is living the companionship that Jesus taught us. It brings joy to me.  There is also an inner peace within me knowing that I have these people guiding me, praying with me, accepting me for who I really am, and journeying with me as I journey with Jesus.  These people is helping me to love unconditionally. This is where I fulfilled my desire to learn and share the good news to others.” ~ Niña, CIM Philippines

“The feeling of you are not alone, that’s the vibes that CiM gives me, that’s why I feel that I truly belong here. My companions accepted me for who really I am, no discrimination, no criticisms for my past mistakes, only encouragement and guidance to help you to be on the right track again. They make you realized, you are unique, your flaws completes you, and your imperfection makes you more attractive and thru God’s grace, you can find peace and happiness.” ~ Steph, CIM Philippines

“To be left alone is what I am scared the most, but CIM gave me assurance that I will never be alone. Never once I felt that I am out of place because they make sure that I will feel I am part of this group, that I am belong. CIM  is a living companionship. CIM is God’s invitation to know Him, to love Him and follow Him. An opportunity to share myself to others thru service. CIM gives me the chance to be a companion of Jesus in fulfilling His mission and also, to be others companions too. It is a blessing, an amazing gift from God. CIM really touched my life and brings joy and peace in my heart. The road ahead of me may not be smooth, but with CIM, I am sure this journey will not be lonely because I am assured that I am not alone.” ~ Jen, CIM Philippines