Praying for Peace with Aid to the Church in Need

Submitted by Sr Clare, fcJ from the FCJ sisters in Yogyakarta

Every Wednesday in May and October we invite people to come and pray the rosary with us in Sarasvita, our FCJ Centre of Spirituality and Human Development in Yogyakarta. When we saw that Aid to the Church in Need was calling for a million children to pray for peace on 18 October we decided to join in this initiative. Even though our prayer would take place a day later, on 19 October, we thought that God wouldn’t mind! To our great delight twenty people came to join us: children, young people, and a few adults. Seven FCJs were on hand to welcome people, lead the prayer and give out simple snacks at the end.

It was a delightful event, prayerful and joy-filled. May our prayer for peace be heard, and soon. We very much enjoyed being twenty-seven in a million!