Birthing Kit Assembly Day

On Sunday 22 September over thirty Companions in Mission and FCJ sisters from Melbourne gathered at Genazzano FCJ College to celebrate International Companions in Mission Day with their annual Birthing Kit Assembly Day. They completed 400 birthing kits from items ordered and purchased beforehand. They cut and folded plastic and twine, inserted soap into rubber gloves, adding other necessities before packing the kits tightly into small bags. The kits are distributed with other kits made in Australia to women in developing countries lacking these necessities when giving birth.

One of the groups of Companions in Mission group present (Shirley, Bernadette, Nerissa, Maria, Marie-Louise and Mary, with Mary fcJ) wrote:

From the very start of the day a spirit of celebration was already among us. The day prior was Marie Madeleine’s birthday and the launch of the Bicentenary of the foundation of the Sisters Faithful Companions of Jesus. In this joyous spirit, over thirty FCJ Sisters and CiM gathered at Genazzano FCJ College for several hours of apostolic work.

We were all there with the same heart, trying to live out the charism given to Marie Madeleine over 200 years ago. We gathered in companionship and purpose to make God’s loving example visible in our world. It is evident each year we gather that the day unites us as one family, working together with hope and generous hearts. As always, there was a great feeling amongst the group as we worked and chatted together, completing 400+ kits.

To mark the bicentenary year Mrs Pat Fitzgerald distributed to each CiM a copy of the book, The Faithfulness of God. A small, intimate book with thoughts for each day of the year.  These thoughts are taken from Marie Madeleine’s Memoirs, letters, writings; also from documents produced by the Society and from the lives of its members. A faithful personal book to accompany us daily – Thank you.

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