Section tiltle text: Our Mission.

Mission and Ministry

Our desire is to follow in the footsteps of Jesus, being one with him in his saving mission.  Whatever ministry we do, we share one mission; we are faithful companions of Jesus.

According to place and circumstance
we may engage in whatever work
contributes to the salvation of souls
and in the manner which appears most conducive
to the service and glory of God
and the good of the neighbour. 
We particularly devote ourselves
to certain ministries confided to us by our foundress,
‘the education of youth, especially the poor,
the work of retreats and  missions’.
Above all we are Companions of Jesus
whose lives must reveal him to the world.

All four Gospels give us examples of women who gave all they were and all they had to minister to and with Jesus. Mary the mother of Jesus, at a time when women were considered unequal to men, said yes to an awesome and fearful thing – becoming mother of God. After nurturing and raising Jesus, she was a constant companion in his ministry. Scripture tells us that it was Mary who prompted Jesus to make himself known at the Wedding Feast at Cana.  Her request that Jesus help the embarrassed couple marked the beginning of Jesus’ public life.

There were other women who traveled with Jesus and who ministered to him, and there were also women to whom he ministered. Women accompanied Jesus on his journey from Galilee to Jerusalem and were present at the crucifixion and the empty tomb.  

Unlike all the apostles except John, the women stayed by the cross ministering in silent hope.  Their hope was not in vain.  The first messenger of the good news that Jesus is alive and lives among us was Mary Magdalene. St. Augustine calls her ‘The Apostle to the Apostles.’

Cross showing Parassy and blossom.Marie Madeleine D’Houët, founder of the Faithful Companions of Jesus, devoted to her patron, and recognizing the significance of her name said: My name is Magdalene. I will follow my patron saint who so loved Jesus, … as to accompany him in his journeys and labours, ministering to him even to the foot of the cross with the other holy women who did not like the apostles, abandon him, but proved to be his faithful companions…

For us Faithful Companions of Jesus, as with Mary, the women of the gospels and Marie Madeleine, our mission is to be the bearers of the good news of God’s saving love. We seek to live his values, to live the beatitudes, and, like him, to minister to those on the margins of society.

In prayer before the crucifix, Marie Madeleine heard Jesus saying I thirst.  She deeply desired to be one with him in his thirst for the reign of God; she longed to quench the thirst of Christ suffering in his people.  We share that thirst and long for a world where justice, peace, love and respect reign.

Whatever we do, however we do it, our mission is to be Jesus’ faithful companions in the world today.  Ministry is but an expression of our mission; it is time bound and varies according to place and circumstance, as well as to our own particular gifts of person and grace.  There may be times when we are unable to minister, but we are always sent with Jesus, we are always on mission.

Discernment is important when choosing ministries. Just as Jesus listened with the ear of his heart for the will of the Father, as Ignatius spent time in prayerful reflection to find God in All Things, as Marie Madeleine listened to the slightest stirrings of God’s call, we also listen for God’s voice in our lives.

We must go straight to God without hesitation
and by the shortest way
our whole person
so perfectly united with our Lord Jesus Christ
as to to be one with him …

We seek to find in prayer the mind and heart of Jesus
so that we may find God in all things
and be to others messengers of his saving word.

We are called to live the magis, to make choices for the greater glory of God and for the greater service of God’s people. In listening to and reading the world around us, we become attuned to the needs of the world, seeking to find God in all things.  

We live and minister today in fifteen different countries, striving in many different ways to quench the thirst of Jesus in the world…

Always united with our Lord Jesus Christ
and like him desiring only the holy will of God
and the salvation of our neighbour.

Be worthy of your beautiful name by your love for Jesus-
        a love shown not by mere words or barren desires,
                     but by courage in God's service.     (Marie Madeleine)