Living Joyfully Religious Life in the UK

Living Joyfully

In preparation for Vocations Sunday a group of religious from about 25 different congregations present in the UK hosted an online celebration of religious life called ‚Living Joyfully‚.

The event aimed to provide young people with an opportunity to meet religious, ask questions and find out more about the wide variety of communities present in the UK.

We had Enclosed Contemplative nuns, Apostolic Religious Sisters and Brothers, members of Missionary congregations and Monastic communities present over the three day event.

Thursday and Friday were offered to schools, with teams of religious ‚Zooming in‘ to classrooms to share something of their life and vocation and to answer questions ranging from ‚Do you have a phone?‘ to ‚Can you give an example of when you felt God was present with you in a time of struggle? How did your faith help you at that time?‘

Saturday was open to young adults from 18 – 40 and we had great conversations with the group who attended.

It was certainly an opportunity for joy as we worked together to share something of our wonderful vocation to religious life!



Find out more about the group of religious in the UK who organized Living Joyfully on their facebook page.