Journeying with College Scholars in Manila

The FCJ community in Manila and the FCJ Learning and Development Centre run college scholarship programs for students needing financial aid. As part of their program with us, they also tutor poor children in the neighbourhood weekly, attend recollections thrice a year, and have regular formation meetings. Some of them living near our community also sing with us at mass once or twice a month.

Accompanying these young people through the ups and downs of college life is both joyful and challenging. It is wonderful to see the enthusiasm with which some of them serve their community. For example, in one highly-anticipated tutorial session this summer, a few college scholars demonstrated to their high school students how to dissect a frog! It is also gratifying to see how they grow over the years. This June, we were especially proud to see off a batch of graduating scholars after four or five years of journeying with them. You can read some of their stories below.

In June, we also welcomed a batch of new scholars to replace these leaving, most of them fresh-faced incoming first year students. The sisters in organised a two-day orientation for all the scholars from the area, during which they got to know us and each other through team-building games. They also had some training in teaching neighbourhood children and in singing for mass, and a session on personal development. We wish them all the best as they begin their new school terms in August.


Words from Our Scholars

We asked some of our scholars who graduated in 2019 to write something about their journey to encourage other young people. Here is what they shared:

Cherick R. Galapin
Magna Cum Laude, Bachelor of Science in Interior Design
“College Distinguished Graduate” awardee
University of the East (Caloocan)

“I went to university carrying a lot of determination and perseverance, with God as my guide throughout my four-year college journey. I promise that bringing it with you will help you to achieve your goal. College wasn’t too easy. Besides my academic endeavors, I also chose to join in extra-curricular activities that widened my knowledge and strengthened camaraderie. That’s how I chose to live my whole student life, despite every sleepless night to beat the next day’s deadline/s. I don’t regret every decision that I made because I know this was also for my own growth.

Of course, without these people, I am nothing:

To my family who believed in me, to my friends who supported me in every way, to my Alma Mater who turned me into a scholarly individual and to FCJ Sisters who helped me not just financially but also refined my spiritual growth.

To the young people, I encourage you to keep up what you love for living that makes you comfortable, and the most important thing is that you enjoy it. Fill up your head with dreams and make a path through them.”


Anjulie Lobos Pernis
Bachelor of Science in Industrial Chemistry

“In these 4 years of my college life, I have come across lots of struggles, including adjusting to the environment and new friends.

College life is not as easy as we think. We need to be fully prepared to accept the challenges and tough situations that come our way. These experiences teach us how to lose gracefully, and also enjoying winning. They teach us how to have faith in our ideas and to believe in ourselves. They teach and prepare us to face the real world, and strive for excellence no matter what happens!

Anyway, thank you FCJ for giving me the opportunity to be part of your scholarship program, and especially for your financial and moral support and words of encouragement that inspired me to complete my studies.”


Jenrich Joy F. Cadavos
Bachelor of Science in Information Technology Programming
Quezon City Polytechnic University (Novaliches)

“College life was a very challenging part of my journey. And I’ve learnt so much: learning doesn’t stop at the four corners of the room; it is a lifelong process that you need to take. Never give up, always have a strong mind, patience, be inspired, and don’t be discouraged if someone tells you something bad.

This journey would not have succeeded without the support of my family, friends, classmates, professors, my alma mater (QCPU), and especially God and of course the FCJ Center, who support you not just financially but help you to become a better person, so I am so thankful.

To the young people who will pursue IT: very best of luck to you. This course is not easy but if you love and you have a passion for it, you will succeed in it. Always have patience, don’t be discouraged if someone looks better than you, manage your time, always believe in yourself, practice and practice. and always pray. To God Be All the Glory!”


Randy Bon Padua
Bachelor of Science in Business Administration (major in Financial Management)

“Being a scholar of FCJ Learning and Development Center Inc. and member of KABASI (Kabataan ng Bagong Silangan) was a great blessing from God, because they taught me how to be a good fighter in every challenge that I’ll encounter, to be approachable, to respect and be respectful, to be friendly, to be positive all the time, to dream hard and pursue it, and also the importance of study, family and our relationship with our Loving God.

To all students and remaining scholars: Don’t be helpless and end your journey because God will give you opportunities and chances to build your own way to a perfect future.

I am really lucky to be part of the FCJ Center who helped me in my needs since the day I became a scholar. I am very fortunate for you all have been open-handed in sharing blessings with me. Your generosity has touched my heart so deeply.

Thank you FCJ Center for the guidance and help that you gave me and without your help it would have been really hard for me to finish my studies. May God bless you all richly with His love, good health and long life.”