Faith Brings Joy: An Outing with Disabled People and Their Families

Day out Prambanan with disable people

Sr Meita fcJ, from the Yogyakarta community, organized an outing and recreational activities with disabled people and families at Prambanan Temple on 21 August. This type of activities are always quite meaningful and give joy because of the cooperation and sincere and generous self-giving from everyone involved.

In the days preparing for the activity various challenges and difficulties arose, but they led to unexpected blessings as many more people got involved and offered help as a consequence, both directly and indirectly. Some picked up disabled people and their families using their private cars, in addition to using a fleet of ambulances and special cars for wheelchair users. There were also participants who attended independently using their modified motorbikes. Others got involved providing food and serving it or donated gifts with great love.

A joyful atmosphere was created thanks to some generous people who brought clowns to provide entertainment for everyone. Before the main event with the clowns began, the participants had the opportunity to share stories in small groups with other families and volunteers. They enjoyed delicious snacks and the beauty of nature. After that, the clowns started performing, they did some magic tricks, sang and gave out prizes. The atmosphere became more joyful when the children laughed happily and danced with the clowns. All the participants enjoyed this time of fun together, especially the children and young people with disabilities and their families.

FCJ Sisters Afra, Dewi, Sofi, and Merici from teh Yogyakarta community were also involved and their presence strengthened the sense of togetherness because they made our disabled guests feel affirmed, accepted, and loved.

Sr Meita says: I had entrusted all the challenges and difficulties I faced into God’s hands and I felt how deeply God loved and cared for all the people who took part in the activity at Prambanan. This experience strengthened my faith in God who is full of love and mercy and who is always at work.