Let Us Dream

Photo by Sr Lynne fcJ

An reflection by Sr Lynne, fcJ, first appeared at FCJ Sisters Blog

We have just started a reading group on the book by Pope Francis – Let us Dream. Already, having only looked at the prologue, it raises profound questions and challenges.

At times, I can feel overwhelmed by the challenges we (the whole of humanity) face, and by the apparent powerlessness of the individual to make any reasonable difference. How does one individual make any impact on climate change or the extinction of species? How can one person affect the political and ideological tensions across the world? And yet we see the impact of one human being too – in places where political leaders misuse their power or more positively, when an individual consistently highlights the beauty and fragility of our earth inspiring others to great actions.

Last Saturday I attended the Archdiocesan JPIC Memorial lecture, given by Mary Colwell. It was very striking that whilst she did speak of some of these global issues, the emphasis she placed was that of LOVING something. She highlighted for us her efforts to understand the loss of habitat of the Curlew. Following her interest led her to set up action groups against habitat loss with interested parties including government, and to draw together many individuals who could bring about change. The website for Curlew Action is here: https://www.curlewaction.org/ . We are surrounded by such examples – where the positive action and love of one person has the capacity to bring about change.

Some have been sifted and have responded with the desire to reimagine our world; others have come to the aid of those in need in concrete ways that can transform our neighbour’s suffering.

That fills me with hope that we might come out of this crisis better. But we have to see clearly, choose well, and act right.

Pope Francis – Let us Dream

let us dream reading group

FCJ Centre St Hugh’s Fratelli Tutti -Reading Group will be exploring – reading and sharing – Let Us Dream: The Path to a Better Future, the 2020 book by Pope Francis and Austen Ivereigh.

The group will meet ONLINE Fridays at 4pm (GMT) for four weeks. Everyone is welcome! Please contact FCJ Centre St Hugh’s on facebook or send an email [email protected] for the zoom link!