Sr. Imelda‘s Keeping Quilt

Sr Imelda receives the keeping quilt offered by St Philomena school community

Submitted by Jen, FCJ Companion in Mission and long time member of Saint Philomena School community in Rhode Island

Recently, St. Philomena School had to say goodbye to Sr. Imelda fcJ after many years our FCJ ‘presence’ on Campus. Imelda returned to Rhode Island in 2009 as a member of the Board of Trustees and the sister who reminded us with her gentle ways, encouraging words, and welcoming spirit how to live the charism of Marie Madeleine d’Houët, FCJ foundress. Sister Imelda was a gift to the faculty, staff, families, students and Board of Trustees. Her advice and wisdom helped us with decisions and sense of humor kept us smiling.

In June, when school was winding down, faculty member, Fran Dutell had an idea. Fran gave each member of the faculty and staff a cotton square to be decorated, returned to Fran, to be stitched into quilt as a farewell gift for Sr. Imelda. In June, we all thought Sr. Imelda would be long gone by the time Fran finished the quilt and it would have to be mailed to her in England.


However, God does work in strange ways! Due to the Covid pandemic, Sister’s departure was delayed. Fran finished the beautiful quilt and was able to give it to Sister Imelda personally on Sept. 1st. Only a few could gather on that Tuesday afternoon, but it was a thrill for all of us who were present to enjoy Sister’s excitement when she opened her package.


The squares were filled with beautiful messages letting sister know what she meant to all of us.


Sr Imelda will be missed, but we know she will treasure all her friends at St. Philomena School who love her very much.


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