Elvisa, fcJ

“To have this name, Faithful Companion of Jesus I would give everything, all that I am…” 

Since I joined the Society, these lovely words of Marie Madeleine, our foundress, have  always challenged and inspired me in my ministry.

My name is Elvie, FCJ, from the Philippines. My ministry is at the Institute for Consecrated Life in Asia (ICLA). This is a school for religious men and women, priests and lay people in different Countries in Asia, who want to continue their studies in either a Master’s Degree (MA) and/or a Doctorate Degree ( Ph.D).  I am in-charge at the academic office.

When this job was offered to me, I was hesitant to accept because I didn’t want paperwork to be my main ministry!  The reason why I joined religious life was because I wanted to work with people but when the Director of the school explained to me the nature of my work, it gave me inspiration because he said, I would be working with the emerging Churches in Asia where the students are from different Asian Countries.  I did not need to think twice and accepted the job!

Most of the time, I’m doing paper work but as time goes on, it seems  I’m doing a variety of things from paper work to organizing different activities for the students.  Sometimes I do  janitorial work  if needed. I  enjoy all aspects of my ministry

The most enjoyable time for me is during enrollment and evaluation because I meet all the students. I also meet the religious superiors of some of the students in different congregations  Some students come to my office to share their struggles, fears and hopes while they are here in the Philippines. To be a compassionate presence with them is important for me.  I may not be able to give advice at time but I can be with them and to listen to their stories.

For me this ministry resonates with Marie Madeleine’s words: To have this name Faithful Companion of Jesus I would give everything all that I am.

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