Sisca, fcJ

Being in a cross-cultural context, my horizon expands, my inner world is much larger and I see more beauty

It has been a joy to be a woman on mission, to live in a culture once felt foreign and yet gradually one is able to see its goodness and beauty and is encouraged to be and to serve within the context more.

My (almost) ten years in Myanmar have been a journey of  cultural discovery and intercultural companionship. It is always a challenge to living it out the essence as missionary woman of sharing the Good News with integrity and relevance. What has been relevant in the mission context where I live is serving the need of better education and human development.

I enjoy working with young adults, mentoring their studies and journeying with them in their life searching. I have been teaching at Myanmar Institute of Religious Studies (MIRS) and am part of the faculty at Myanmar Leadership Institute (MLI), a newly set up educational institution as an initiative of the Archbishop of Yangon, Cardinal Charles Bo, and the Myanmar Jesuits.

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How do I become an FCJ?

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