Three women made first commitment as CiM in Canada

On 30th September 2018 three women made their first commitment as Companions in Mission in Calgary, Canada.

Laureen writes:

I retired from practicing medicine and I felt the need to have a group of people that could journey with, share with and who would help me pursue my new job- my spiritual journey.  Not that I still think I can earn sainthood but I know my job is to surrender to God within me. God seems to have opened the door for me to now immerse myself in Ignatian spirituality and I need this group of people – the Companions In Mission and the FCJ Sisters to help me on this journey.  For me the C for Companions also stands for someone to Challenge me; the I for someone to Inspire me; and the M for someone to Mentor me. In reflecting on this day of commitment what I heard were these words of Mother Theresa: “Do little things with Great Love!”

Rose writes:

Looking over my life, I can see that God has been calling all of my life and occasionally I have heard, and occasionally I have heeded that call, and I have learned that Jesus never gives up, just keeps sending hints and angels to show the way;

When I first joined the “Come, Taste and See” session in 2015, I truly did not know where this journey would lead me; not even when I continued the formation meetings.

My life has been a bit of a roller coaster ride since that initial meeting, but the companionship, support, gentleness and strength of faith within this group (in addition to the unconditional love and support of my family) has held my life together and helped me grow spiritually the past 3 years. This group has been a place of solace, a place of nurture, a place of challenging and growing in my beliefs and faith, and a place of living Jesus’ love.

Lorraine writes:

When I reflect back on my formation one word keeps resonating with me. And that word is Community.   This unique sense of Community that I felt ultimately led to my desire to become a Companion in Mission.  It was through the times we spent together in community that we came to share our lives and our stories, who we were, where we had been and where we were headed.  Everyone’s spiritual path was so different but because Christ was our focus we were all very much the same in desire and purpose.  We had much to offer to one another and this giving of ourselves generously and always with an open heart helped me realize just how much was missing in my own life.  And it is through this small community filled with compassion and love that I have found my own personal strength  to grow in my relationship with Christ.

It is now my turn to become a CIM and carry the love and commitment that Marie Madeleine had so many years ago when she heard Christ from the cross say I THIRST.  She followed, she listened she obeyed and became the hands, feet, voice and presence of Christ in the world.  She allowed Him to be the Artist and she the paintbrush.  What an incredible life.  I can only pray that by the grace of God I can be so humble a companion of Jesus and a messenger of his love to the lives of my family, my grandchildren, my friends and those I meet in my everyday experiences and situations.

() Three women made first commitment as CiM in Canada