Europe History

Europe History

History of the Area of Europe

In Marie Madeleine’s lifetime, once the Society had begun to expand more rapidly, communities were set up beyond France in England, Italy, Switzerland and Ireland. Over the years, FCJs have gone to live and work in other European countries in response to apostolic needs.

These communities were variously grouped until, in 1983, they were divided into three provinces: Britain, the Continent and Ireland. In 1999, the three provinces were encouraged to operate as a European Network, and have since engaged in a number of joint activities.

On September 1st, 2011, the existing Provinces became a single new province: The Province of Europe

The members of the new Province actively cultivate an inclusive European vision, as they create a structure that supports and encourages their mission in Europe and responds to the questions:

What is God asking of the FCJs in Europe here and now?  How can we better love and serve God’s people,  given our present reality?

It is by keeping questions like these to the forefront of our thinking that we give ‘soul’ to our structures of administration, that we lighten these structures, and give space for the Spirit.

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