Happy Learning about Ecology

Submitted by Sr Narni fcJ, Myanmar Community

At the end of September a youth group of about thirty Campion Institute Pastoral Care (CIPCA) members and alumni accompanied by Narni fcJ took a trip to Chu Chu in Dala (in the southern part of Yangon). Chu Chu is a Myanmar social enterprise which re-designs material into craft objects, following a strict process, with the aim of showing the beauty of what is considered to be garbage.

This community-based group founded in 2014 with an Italian NGO help, is now standing on its own feet. Our small trip is a part of our ecological programme. Through these activities we continue to raise our awareness, learning to do more to take care of our common home.

It was very interesting to learn the history of the place and the processes of re-cycling and re-designing material. The participants had an opportunity to speak with the owner and design manager. There were so many objects creatively designed with recycled material.

We enjoyed the time together, the trip by public transport, including crossing a river by ship to reach Chu Chu in Dala, Yangon. After our visit we continued our program by enjoying some fun activities, reflective sharing and relaxing at a Public Park near downtown Yangon. It was really a great day and a happy learning time together with the reminder to each one to continue to take care of our Common Home!