In deep silence

In Deep Silence

Submitted by Sr Lina, fcJ from the Ende community, Flores, Indonesia

On Sunday, 3 October our FCJ community, together with the Sunday School children in our BEC, went to Kombandaru Parish which is about 30 minutes from the town by car.

We prayed the Rosary together in Our Lady’s shrine, then took a moment of silence in front of the Blessed Sacrament. And after that we were ready to clean the river nearby.


The children were very enthusiastic and happy to clean the river and enjoy the fresh water. The parish church is near the river. The aim of the activity was to introduce the beauty of praying together and the beauty of nature.

The children were really creative while they were in the river; some children practiced swimming, some made a pool in the shape of a heart and, what surprised us was one of the children, named Salisa, enjoyed herself laying the stones one by one in deep silence. It seemed that the water and stones had become her brothers and sisters (St. Francis of Asisi). What a wonderful grace!