So, What Is It Like Working in a Catholic School?

Teachers all over the world have been creative during the coronavirus lockdown, finding ways to keep in contact with their students and creating materials suitable for these extraordinary times. Sr Ellen fcJ (photo) has been part of one of these initiatives titled So, What Is It Like Working in a Catholic School?

Ellen has taught for over thirty years in Catholic education in the USA in five different schools in four dioceses. She has also done some teaching in Mexico City and Manila, Philippines. After ‘retiring’ as teacher and school chaplain, Ellen has been missioned to London, where she is part of the team at the new FCJ Spirituality Centre Somers Town in London and also serves as part time chaplain in Maria Fidelis Catholic School FCJ, London.

Here is a video with her presentation on how to teach about the Liturgical Year.

The series has been developed by EducareM, in partnership with Redemptorist Publications, the Diocese of Plymouth and the Diocese of Salford to offer training and formation for teachers and support staff, trying to make the best of the current situation. Issues covered include getting to grips with the Catholic language and ethos, thinking about the curriculum, or what does Catholic Social Teaching mean. Their programme is based on the book How to Survive Working in a Catholic School, by Sr Judith Russi, SSMN and Raymond Friel and the sessions created during the pandemic will be available in the future for the induction and formation of teachers and staff of Catholic schools.