The War, O God!

One month of war in Ukraine… A prayer poem by Sr Margarita, fcJ from the Salta, Argentina community. 

Jesús, you are still dying
You died, you were dead
Yet you live, you are alive
As truly as God is God!
You die continually
You die, you are dead
Yet you are alive, you live
For you, O God, Cannot be dead!

Yet those who are dying,
now Lord, in this war
Is it you, Alive today ?
Or are you dying in them?
Such futility Lord –
The carnage, the destruction
Of Beauty and Goodness
What sense is there in this?

Does your anger blaze up?
Do you despair of us?
“If this in the greenwood,
What in the dry?”
O God, have pity on us
On those who make war
On those who seek peace
We are in you, all One!


Photo by @ehmitrich on Unsplash