History of the Faithful Companions of Jesus in Germany

Sr Veronika FCJ Munich

History of the Faithful Companions of Jesus in Germany

History of the FCJ Sisters in Germany

Across the years there have been a number of FCJ sisters of German background but until recent years none lived in Germany.  But that has changed and now there is an FCJ presence in Munich.

Sister Veronika writes:

After 19 years in the Philippines, and after 48 years of living outside my homeland, I have now the great joy of being back in Germany. No matter how much one makes efforts to adapt to other cultures, one never loses one’s own national identity. What a grace to be able to speak my own language now.

Every country has its own beauty, its own treasures, its own characteristics and its own limitations and weaknesses.

In a time of globalization I am privileged of having had the chance of living in six different countries and of visiting about twenty.

Living in Munich I meet many people from different cultural backgrounds, be it in the lift of the 20-storeyed building where I live, or in my ministry.

I cooperate with SOLWODI (Solidarity with women in distress), an organization founded by a German Sister, Lea Ackermann, in Kenya. The members care for any women in distress, but especially for those who are trafficked and who ended up in prostitution, or those who come to Germany as refugees or are married to a German and who find it hard to integrate into a new culture, those who ran away from violence in a relationship or who are threatened with forced marriage.  When they have difficulties they can seek help in the offices of SOLWODI in different German towns. We will try to help them according to their needs and desires.

My own experience of having been a foreigner for so many years helps me to understand better the loneliness and misunderstandings that one has to cope with when confronted with a new culture and language. I am blessed to be here and hopefully I will be a companion to many women in distress, walking with them on their road into a new life.

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