Margaret, fcJ

Living Companionship in Melbourne, Australia

To live our identity as Faithful Companions of Jesus with enthusiasm.
We acknowledge the centrality of COMPANIONSHIP in our lives
and recognize the vital need for its witness in today’s world

Call from our Chapter Mandate

These are some of the ways in which I try to live out this Chapter Mandate in my life and ministry here in Melbourne:

Companionship with Jesus – spending time with Jesus in prayer each day both personal and communal. Reflecting on His life and trying to imitate Him in all things.

Companionship with my Sisters in four Communities – Gives me a great opportunity to share companionship and love with these sisters. I am in a privileged position to listen as they share their problems, struggles and difficulties. Each sister tries to live out the FCJ charism in a different way, according to her gifts and talents. By living companionship with each other in community we are then able to share this with the people we meet and work with each day.

Companioning our sisters in Aged Care: I do this by spending time with them, listening, supporting, encouraging, and sharing their joys and sorrows, hopes and dreams.

Companioning Work Colleagues:  By listening, supporting, taking an interest in their families etc.

Sharing companionship with the wider community: Sharing Eucharist with the parish community in our local parish church and having a smile and a greeting for the people that I meet on my way to work each day.

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