Ciony, fcJ

My name is Salvacion (Ciony), FCJ. After completing my training in nursing, I was missioned to the FCJ Learning and Development Center in Bagong Silangan, Quezon City, Philippines.

I have worked in the Center since 2011 together with Srs. Paola andVanessa, fcJ and the other members of staff. We offer development programs for women and men, boys and girls, senior citizens and young mothers.

As Women of the Church, standing at the foot of contemporary crosses, we are channels of hope, love and mercy in our villages, towns, and cities.

FCJ General Chapter Directions 2013

My task in the center is mostly on the health programs, such as the Monday Clinic. Health education is given to young mothers and mothers with small children.

Working with mothers is interesting, and our different backgrounds and upbringing are an amazing opportunity. They women shared about their struggles and failures, as well as about their joys and achievements, in a graceful way.

Being with them in their struggles to live life to the full has taught me much about my life as an FCJ. Despite the difficult life and way of living, these mothers survive day by day with a smile on their faces and it is indeed an inspiration. In my weekly lessons with them I do a lot of games to make them laugh and to make them feel comfortable and hopeful. Group work makes them confident of the gifts they bring to each other… the care and love; the recognition and appreciation, which give them courage to face life day after day.

Working with these groups inspires me to hope and to take everyday life as a blessing from the Lord who is the source of many surprising graces.

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