Advent 2020: Hoping for Better Days

Advent Waiting for Dawn

A reflection by Sr Clare fcJ, from Indonesia. First appeared in the FCJ Sisters’ blog

It is something of a surprise that Advent has newly arrived. Yet, I think we really need it this year, of all years.

I am grateful that the readings for the First Sunday of Advent, are sombre in nature and not too overbearingly joyful. We certainly need hope in the face of this difficult, Covid-wrought year. We need a quiet, solid, courageous hope that will lead us step-by-step into the dawning of a light we long for so much. The Gospel from Mark 13:33-37 reminds us to “Stay awake!”

I pray that we can stay alert as we look for signs of hope. I pray that we can bring hope to others this Advent.


Image credit: Ana Puerta