Changing Myself

This reflection was written by Afra fcJ, inspired by the FCJ Constitutions, #276. It was first posted by Audrey, fcJ on her blog,

      What I cannot accept about others
        reveals aspects of me that I haven’t fully accepted
      What annoys me about others and my surroundings
        speaks of disharmony inside me that calls out for balance
      What triggers my disproportionate behaviours
        points to brokenness within me that needs healing
      What inspires me about others
        awakens my deep desires
      and what are my deep desires
        but God’s desires in me, and for me?
I can only change myself.

The time for conversion is today,
      is now.
I don’t have to wait for tomorrow
      because there is always something I can change about myself today … now.
Conversion is continual;
      it is always now.

It does take awareness
It does need humility, and gentleness
      to change myself only
      and to do it now and always.

(I look at my Beloved,
and my Beloved smiles and says,
“I love you!”)