Manila FCJ Sisters and Companions in Mission celebrate International CIM Day

Celebrating Life

Submitted by the FCJ community in Manila

On 17 September, FCJ Sisters and Companions in Mission gathered in Scout Borromeo to celebrate in thanksgiving for the life of our foundress, Marie Madeleine d’Houët on her birthday and Companions in Mission International Day. We give thanks for the gift of companionship shared in prayers and celebrations. We are thankful for our Companions in Mission who prepared the prayer and reflections on this day.

We are blessed to have the Companions in Mission and hope that we will have more of them in the future. We are grateful that some of them work with us closely in the FCJ Learning and Development Center Inc.

We hope to share our charism and the life of Marie Madeleine in her faithfulness and joyfulness in following Jesus wherever we are. Happy Feast Day to all of us!