Graduation in Soropadan

Graduation in Soropadan

Submitted by Sr Clare fcJ on behalf of the FCJ community in Soropadan, Yogyakarta

Here in Indonesia, thanks to the generosity of many supporters and donors we are able to support the education of a good number of students at various stages of study. Recently, two of our students in Yogyakarta, Lusi and Rosa, had the great joy of completing their university degrees.

We have guided and mentored them throughout their studies and they have moved forward, year by year, encouraged by the thought of graduating and moving out to take their place in the world. To their great disappointment their long-awaited graduation ceremony was cancelled at very short notice due to Covid19 restrictions.

On hearing that they were ready to leave Yogyakarta to return to their homes on distant islands we decided to hold our own graduation ceremony for them. We invited four young women to prayer and supper: Lusi and Rosa, our graduates, and Nia and Vila who will complete their studies soon. We began the evening with a special prayer of thanksgiving and blessing. We then surprised Rosa and Lusi with their own simple graduation ceremony. This was followed by a delicious meal. They were delighted and really touched that we wanted to celebrate their special achievement with them. We all had a great evening.

Lusi and Rosa are now back in their villages and already making a contribution to their local communities. It is a great privilege to be able to support the education of young people.